From working as a training manager at a car rental company to running Baby Sensory Classes, Claire tells us how she waited for the perfect time to buy her business.

It was after seeing a short advert 14 years ago that Caire decided Baby Sensory was for her. She stumbled across it while looking for something for her son, Fin who was 18 months old at the time. “I came across a video of Baby Sensory, the one with the lifting of the starry parachute and knew even though I couldn’t take Fin because he was too old, I had to do this”

But where did it all start? Claire actually emailed the company regarding a specific area she wanted to work in and discovered that it had just been sold 30 minutes earlier! “Undeterred I contacted the new owner and said I wanted to be a Class Leader, I knew I could make it a success. Thankfully the owner took me on”

Five years later Claire’s chance came when the previous owner left, she finally had the chance to buy ‘her’ business.

Being a part of a franchise network was so beneficial to Claire who was able to grow her team in Dundee as well as utilise the expertise of the Baby Sensory founder Dr Lin Day.

There have been many, many special moments over the last 14 years. To be part of such a special time to new parents and their babies is something I will never dull down – it’s amazing
“I have had many young mums in class – youngest being 13 and it’s so nice for them to see no matter what age they are, being a parent is a huge rollercoaster.
I have also had many foster babies, We had one baby attend for 18 months due to , we all thought he was blind or very visually impaired , until one day in class he tracked a bubble and pointed to it – the whole class burst into tears- such a special moment – we are so privileged.

14 years later and with 1000 babies attending her classes a year, Claire can’t imagine herself doing anything else, “Babies are my thing!”