Toddler Sense, Chelmsford Essex

Toddler Sense has been developed as a follow on programme to the highly successful Baby Sensory programme. You will also benefit from the loyalty of existing Baby Sensory customers with the opportunity to attract new customers with children between the ages of 13 months and 5 years.

The award-winning toddler development classes will introduce children to a galaxy of magical worlds. Each week has a unique theme, meticulously constructed to stimulate toddler brains, co-ordination and physical development.


A recognisable brand
Industry leader in toddler physical and sensory development
An experienced team with the back up of professional research
A network of over 300 other franchisees
Little to no experience needed to set up

What’s included when you join Toddler Sense?

  • An exclusive territory
  • Toddler Sense equipment with which to run your classes
  • Complete Practitioner Toddler Sense training – providing you the key skills to deliver the classes.
  • An Operations Manual.
  • Comprehensive Toddler Sense Learning and Development Manuals.
  • Detailed Toddler Sense Play Plans that cover every aspect of the session.
  • Research articles and information to support best practice.