Mini Professors, Ipswich

Mini Professors is an award winning science programme, inspiring a new generation through our interactive classes in schools, nurseries, in parent and child classes. We are now looking to establish a Mini Professors franchise in Ipswich.

Our theme tune’s opening line is ‘Science is all around us’. This reflects the ethos of the classes and encourages the children to think about and to explore the world around them. Children have a thirst for knowledge and can understand scientific principles explained in simple terms with fun experiments in which they can touch, see and hear to help them understand.


20 years of Brand recognition
An experienced team with the back up of professional research
A network of over 300 other franchisees
Little to no experience needed to set up

What’s included when you are part of Mini Professors?

  • Your own exclusive territory.
  • Our Mini Professors equipment (kit) which are integral to our Lesson Plans.
  • High quality Mini Professors training.
  • A comprehensive Mini Professors Learning and Development Manual.
  • Continued help and support from your Franchisor.